Quiet Luxury: A chance for everyone to look wealthy?

I’m back with another post and this time I’m finally getting back to what this blog is really about, fashion! It’s been a while since I’ve done a purely fashion centred post though I’ve been quite active fashionwise on Instagram. I have so many thoughts about a not so new trend that has made a resurgence; quiet luxury and the old money aesthetic. The old adage says money talks, wealth whispers and this couldn’t be more true of the quiet luxury trend that’s been flooding our social media profiles of late.

So just what is quiet luxury and the old money aesthetic? The quiet luxury trend focuses on quality rather than quantity and is largely logo-less. Gone are the days of the Kardashians toting their designer logo ridden apparel; they are for the most part known as the nouveau riche or new rich. While loud luxury focuses on bling, fur and visible designer labels, quiet luxury seeks to curate a more sophisticated, streamlined and polished look. This trend focuses on fabric quality and the make of the garments. To the naked eye a quiet luxury outfit may look plain or ordinary but to those with a more refined and discerning taste the logos are there, the designer label is there but only if you know where  to look. This trend screams if you know you know, and if you don’t well, you just don’t.

Another aspect of quiet luxury and the old money aesthetic is colour. While loud luxury is well, loud and colourful; boasting bling and even neon, this aesthetic focuses on the opposite end of the colour spectrum. Neutrals, classic pieces timeless that never go out of style and high end fabrics like cashmere, linen and silk are all part of this trend. While the concept of quiet luxury may seem unattainable to most and might come across as discouraging, I see it as an opportunity. The logo-less aspect of it gives everyone an opportunity to look wealthy, by adopting aspects of the trend and perhaps investing in some high quality pieces but without the need to display overt luxury.

An easy way to achieve this look is to focus on neutrals and timeless pieces. The good news about this trend is that brands from high end to fast fashion are catching on and offering items that align with the old money aesthetic. I’ve even noticed one of my favourite Canadian retailers Suzy Shier offering a brand new linen collection that features classic neutrals and structured pieces for summer. Other brands that truly embody old money style are Club Monaco and Banana Republic. If you’re on a tighter budget even H&M has some neutral pieces and linen items for summer.

Some of my favourite quiet luxury items for summer


What are your thoughts on this aesthetic? Will you be wearing any old money style outfits this summer?



124 on Queen

Last weekend we had the pleasure of being treated to a wonderful stay in Niagra-on-the-Lake. I was so excited to check out 124 on Queen Hotel and Spa. I had seen this hotel online, it looked lovely and seeing it in person; it did not disappoint!

Here’s a recap of our luxurious weekend in NOTL.

The Hotel

124 on Queen is a 72-room hotel offering a variety of luxurious guest room options ranging from deluxe rooms to fully-appointed two bedroom villas. The room I stayed in was modern, spacious and felt more like an apartment than a room. The hotel spans over 6 adjacent buildings which is important to note if you’re staying in a different part of the hotel.

My room was on the first floor of the main hotel building and had  an updated bathroom (with two sinks) featuring L’Occitane  amenities, totally luxurious. The bed had ample room and was so comfy! I’m a morning person and I’m usually up very early but I did sleep in at this hotel! The room also featured a sitting area, huge tv and gas fireplace. Another feature we enjoyed was the min-bar area which had a sink and nespresso machine. This made our mornings that much more enjoyable.

The Spa

In addition to its guest rooms 124 on Queen also features a 12000 square foot spa. The Spa at Q is Niagara’s newest destination spa. We tried out the hydro therapy circuit which included hot and warm pools, pools, a dry sauna, eucalyptus steam room and sensory showers. The most unique feature in the circuit is the snow room! This was the first time I had ever heard of such a concept and I was so excited to check it out. It actually snows on you in this room!

The Spa also offers many different beauty and wellness treatments such as massages, facials and mani/pedis. There is a great lounge for relaxing and a therapeutic salt room. If you haven’t visited the Spa at Q yet add it to your list!

The Food

124 on Queen features three options for dining, the Q lounge, Treadwell Cuisine and Gate House Pizza which opens this summer. We had the opportunity to check them out. If you’re looking for sophisticated cocktails, bites and food in a relaxed atmosphere then Q lounge is the place for you.

We tried out two of their cocktails, I opted for The Royal Treatment and Sashien tried out the Rolex. I am loving the names of these cocktails. We also enjoyed some light bites and got a chance to take in a hockey game on the tv.

The following evening we were treated to an amazing culinary experience at Treadwell Cuisine, a notable farm-to-table restaurant. We had a 4 course tasting menu and got to see the chefs in action. If you do visit Treadwell I’d recommend sitting by the bar so you can interact with the chefs and watch your food being plated. The restaurant has won many awards and was named one of the world’s best restaurants for wine by Wine Spectator Magazine. Treadwell has  one of the largest collections of Ontario wines in the world and boasts a large wine cellar in the basement. We really enjoyed our dinner there, a special thank you to Chef Gavin for making our experience one to remember.

The Verdict

If you haven’t been to NOTL or just haven’t visited in a while then I highly recommend staying at 124 on Queen. Not only are the staff so welcoming, the service is impeccable and the food is divine! The hotel is also very centrally located and close by to shops, parks and walking trails. One thing I forgot to mention is the Starbucks that’s in the hotel. Located close to the lobby, you don’t t even have to go outside to grab a coffee. When you’re in there be sure to check out the signature mugs featuring the hotel.

You’re probably thinking there’s something else that Niagara-on-the-Lake is famous for, and you’re right! Wine! We asked the concierge about nearby wineries and he was able to provide us with a great list to check out. We had some time on Sunday before dinner so we stopped by a few of our favourites during the day. You can also ask the hotel for their recommendations or even assistance with booking a wine tour.

A huge thank you to the staff at 124 on Queen for making our stay luxurious and relaxing! We will definitely be back!