Travel Beauty Favourites

It’s vacay time!! I’m going on vacation again so I thought I’d share some of my travel beauty favourites. I used to travel a lot for work so I’m quite used to packing my beauty products in a clear plastic bag 🙂


The recycled air inside a plane combined with high altitude can do a number on your skin so it’s important to moisturize when you fly. I like to pack some face cream, hand cream and lip balm with me. I find my face and hands get especially dry when I fly. My current favourite moisturizer when flying is Olay Classic Moisturizing lotion. I have combination skin so this works well for me. I haven’t been able to find a travel size Olay lotion so I usually just carry some in an empty container (hint: it’s in the circular Nivea container ;)). For lips I go with a generic lip balm like Blistex and for my hands I usually go with a generic hand moisturizer.

Pro-Tip: If you’ve ever been upgraded or traveled business or first class you usually receive an amenities kit which contains lip balm and hand lotion.


I don’t carry travel sizes of my makeup but I make sure all the makeup I take in my carry-on is 100ml or less. I usually take some foundation, my liquid eyeliner, mascara and a lipstick. I use MAC for my foundation, eyeliner and lipstick. I also like to pack some perfume with me just to freshen up between flights. Most perfumes come in travel sizes that fit perfectly in your clear plastic bag.

Here’s what I’ve got with me:

Foundation – Pro Longwear: NC42

Liquid Eyeliner – Boot Black

Lipstick –  Mac-Syrup

Mascara – Buxom Lash

Perfume- Dolce (Travel Size)

I carry some makeup removing wipes and a cleanser – for freshening up while in transit.

Pro-Tip: Most airports have paid entry lounges that you can use to grab a bite, take a shower and catch a few winks between flights.

After Flight Care

Getting some quality sleep on the plane always helps with jet lag so I like to bring an eye shade with me to block out extra light and help me sleep. A few years ago I discovered a product called Liquid Oxygen by O2Spa. Just a few drops under your tongue or mixed with water can help relieve jet lag and improve your energy. I purchased mine on Air Canada duty free but you can also purchase the product through their website. I also pack a gel eye mask to help relieve puffyness under the eyes as a result of lack of sleep. Gel masks can usually be used as a hot or cold option and they’re great for helping you relax post-flight.

Pro Tip: Drink lots of water while you’re in flight and try to avoid alcohol. The altitude combined with the alcohol will leave you feeling dehydrated and you’ll have a more difficult time dealing with jetl ag. Taking a quick stroll around the cabin (when the seat belt signs are off) will also help with circulation and leave you feeling more energized.




Gingham Wrap Blouse


One of my favourite trends this Spring is gingham! I also love the wrap blouse which is making an appearance again this year 🙂 That’s why I was so thrilled when I found this gingham wrap blouse at Suzy Shier. I bought a similar blouse last year in a black and white print and I got so many compliments on it. When I saw this in their new Spring collection I simply had to get it! This blouse is perfect for running errands on the weekend or jazzing up a work outfit, you can dress it up or down. I chose to dress it down by pairing it with some white jeans, which are also back again this year. I was doing a lot of running around this weekend so I opted for a Michael Kors cross body bag. The navy colour in this blouse makes it so versatile as you can pair it with light and dark colours. What’s your favourite Spring trend – gingham perhaps?


Floral Sweater Dress

Spring cannot be here sooner! I’m happy to see that many stores have their Spring collections out and florals seem to be on trend! I found this cute floral sweater dress at Suzy Shier which is perfect for the Winter to Spring transition we’re going through right now. The three-quarter sleeves and modest length make this dress work appropriate. I love the floral design on the dress which gives it a Ted Baker inspired look.  I paired this dress with opaque navy tights but you can wear it with flesh coloured tights as well. The best part about this dress is that it costs under $50! If you have a prestige card you’ll automatically get an additional 10% off. Suzy Shier also has some great deals on at the moment so check them out if you’re looking for some new pieces for Spring 🙂


Valentine’s Day Wish List

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and here are a few items that are on my Vday Wish list 😉


1. Something in red – This cute jumpsuit is the perfect for a Valentine’s Day date. It’s also a nice alternative to a red dress and provides a bit more coverage if you live in a colder climate like I do 🙂

2. Perfume – I love Dior perfumes. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a light romantic scent perfect for Valentine’s Day.

3. Champagne truffles – Champagne and truffles are great on their own but even better together, and who doesn’t love candy?!

4. Heart purse – This adorable heart shaped purse from Kate Spade is the perfect accessory for Valentine’s Day. It’s also a great way to add a pop of colour to an outfit.

5. Red strappy sandals – I’m a shoe-a-holic and I’ll readily admit it. I simply love these red heels and the bow detail.

6. Tiffany bracelet – What girl doesn’t love something that comes in a little blue bag? This Tiffany heart bracelet is one of my ultimate favourites

7. Champagne – No special occasion is complete without a little bubbly! This rosé champagne from Moët et Chandon is made for Valentine’s Day 🙂


Favourite Basket Bags for Spring

I know it’s still February but Spring is on my mind! One trend I’ve been noticing when it comes to accessories for Spring 2018 is basket bags! I love the boho chic look of a basket bag. The woven look gives them a lot of texture and they instantly add interest to an outfit. Another trend I’ve seen is pom poms. Believe it or not pom poms and basket bags actually do go well together – as seen in the photo above 😉

Here are 3 of my favourite basket bags for Spring:

Rectangle Basket Bag

This bag by Australian designers Ellen and James adds a touch of boho chic sophistication to an outfit. Whether you’re pairing it with a white linen dress for the day or a black jumpsuit for the night it’s just perfect for Spring and Summer. I ordered this one online. I was pleasantly surprised with how soon it arrived. I had the bag with me in about a week which was great. The workmanship on this bag is really beautiful and it’s very well made. I also love the batik lining inside.

Pom Pom Beach Tote

This straw beach tote from Forever 21 is a great find. If you’re looking for a bag that’s affordable, on trend and stylish then this is the bag for you. I believe it’s inspired by the JADE Tribe basket bags. This bag is a great alternative to a designer bag and costs under $50! It’s also a larger size and works well as a carry all too. The bag also comes with orange pom poms if you’re looking for something more daring.

Circle Evening Bag

I picked up this circle evening bag at Simons. It originally came in the natural colour, pictured above and a black. Unfortunately this bag is sold out but I have linked a similar bag in the Shop This Post links below. This bag is perfect for a night out on a Spring or Summer evening. I love the circular shape which is so in right now. The gold strap also adds an extra bit of elegance 🙂



Polka Dots and Pearls



I’m noticing two major trends that seem to be in for Spring this year, polka dots and pearls! I found the cutest outfit at Suzy Shier this week. This adorable polka dot t-shirt is comfy and cute. The ruffled sides give it a feminine flair. I paired it with these pearl trimmed skinny jeans . To break up the black and white colour I added a red belt and a pair of red tassel earrings. If you don’t live in Canada but would still like to get this look I’ve added some similar pieces here 🙂



Colour Pairing

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I love dressing up and putting outfits together, kind of a given since I have a fashion blog right? I’ve had a few people ask me about colour pairing and how I put my outfits together so I thought I’d share a few tips. These aren’t hard and fast rules but rather just what works for me, if you’re a play by your own rules kinda girl go for it and experiment away 🙂

  1. Pick a colour

I like colour in general but when it comes to outfits I prefer to choose one staple colour around which I build my look. In the example above I’m wearing a bold red business suit. Clearly red is the colour I’m building around here. I decided to choose accent colours that will offset the red. For a bright contrast I choose a crisp white blouse but you can also wear this suit with a black blouse. The accent colour or shade should complement your staple colour. For example I wouldn’t pair a bright yellow blouse with this suit. For the shoes I stuck with the white shade but wanted to add a bit more neutrality and interest so I chose a black and white patterned pump. The shoe also adds some texture to the outfit.

2. Break up your prints with solid colours

Something I love just as much as colour is a great print. Whether you’re choosing a printed top, skirt or pants prints are a great way to add interest to an outfit and express your personality. Being an island girl it’s no surprise that I love a good palm print. I paired this palm print top with a pair of white pants. White is a great solid colour to break up a print. You can also pair a good printed top with jeans or any other solid coloured bottom. This particular top works with jeans or a dark green bottom as well. I found these super cute palm print mules which I wore with this outfits as it brought the palm print back in the feet. To add a bit more texture to this outfit and keeping with the tropical theme I added this bamboo bag from Cult Gaia. Sometimes it helps to have a theme to your outfit as well.

3. Add a pop of colour to monochromes

A pop of colour goes a long way when you’re jazzing up a monochrome outfit. I love these red tassel earrings as they add a cute and flirty pop of colour to this grey and black outfit. Grey and black are very close to each other on the shade spectrum so pairing these colours can be challenging as your outfit can tend to look dull. The bright red instantly throws off the monochrome nature of this look. Whether you choose to add your pop of colour with earrings, a necklace, a great pair of shoes or a cute purse is up to you but remember to brighten up your monochrome looks 🙂

Another tip is to add texture to your outfit. You can do this by adding accessories such a great purse, jewelry or shoes. If you’re looking for more information about which colours go together and which don’t you can find a colour wheel here 🙂 Don’t forget to make sure the colours complement your skin tone as well 😉


Bed Makeover



If you follow me on Instagram you probably know I recently did a bed makeover! I love pink so I decided to revamp my room to reflect my favourite colour 🙂 I found this  adorable bedding set  from Hometrends at Walmart Canada. The set comes with: a comforter, 2 pillow shams and 2 decorative pillows. I wanted to off set the pink colour of the comforter set with a soft white so I opted for this simple white sheet set from Mainstays. The set I picked up came with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 large pillow cases for a Queen Sized bed but there are lots of options to choose from.  To finish off this pretty in pink look I found this too cute to be true heart pillow at Quilts Etc.  I also found these cute pyjamas at Garage. They’re so comfy and come in black as well if you’re not as crazy about pink as I am 😉

I truly love my new bedding but the best part about this bedroom makeover is that I did it for under $250 including all the pillows! It just goes to show you that you don’t need to spend a tonne of money to  make something look pretty and professional 🙂




Ladurée Yorkdale

This past weekend I was in Toronto and I got to check out one of my favourite places, Ladurée. Famous the world over for its Parisian flair Ladurée is a macaroon shop and tea room. Although it’s especially popular in Europe the company has made the trip across the pond and I’m thrilled that there’s one in somewhat close proximity to me. I simply love their macaroons and decor. To me this place is like every little girl’s dream – soft colours line the walls which are topped off by an elegantly carved out ceiling and of course there is the iconic green on the facade of the shop. Whether you’re stepping in for a peek or staying for tea Ladurée is a must do if you’re ever in Toronto! The Yorkdale shopping centre itself is quite glamorous in my opinion so it’s a perfect setting for this cute little macaroon shop.

As far as flavours go my personal favourites are the pistachio, coffee and vanilla. I also tried the rose flavour which I was quite surprised by. Ladurée offers a wide range of flavours to choose from and there’s really something for everyone 🙂 The shop also has a cute selection of gifts and souvenirs so if sweets aren’t your thing you can always grab a key chain, candle or gift box 😉



Sheer Embroidered Sweatshirt

I’m back 🙂 As you all know I was away during the holidays and enjoying the sunshine in Sri Lanka, but now I’m back to Winter in Ottawa! And boy is it cold!!!

Cold weather always makes me want to bundle up and it’s often a challenge to stay stylish and warm at the same time! That’s why I’m so thrilled to have come across this cute embroidered sweatshirt from Suzy Shier. Who said sweatshirts had to be frumpy?! This sweatshirt is so comfy and stylish. It’s got a bit of a cropped style to it and sits just above the waist of your pants. The sheer yoke and embroidery give it more of a formal flair and you could definitely wear this to work on jeans or dress down days. This piece is great as it blends the winter florals trend with a cozy casual look 🙂